Houston City Energy Project

Houston City Energy Project
The City of Houston has a strong history of implementing cost-effective and practical energy efficiency projects that grow the economy and improve the bottom line of building tenants and owners. The Houston City Energy Project builds upon this legacy, with an eye on establishing a competitive advantage for the City through energy-efficient buildings. Efficient buildings are not only more cost-effective, but also provide healthier and more comfortable spaces to live, play, and work—qualities that attract top talent and investment. By developing and implementing best-in-class programs designed to cut energy waste, boost the local economy, reduce harmful pollution, and create healthier buildings, the Houston City Energy Project aims to make Houston not only the energy capital of the world, but also the global energy efficiency capital.

Buildings present a massive untapped opportunity for reducing costs. This program will help reveal the value of building efficiency by working to develop energy efficiency solutions that are unique, flexible, and support the following goals:

  • Promote efficient building operations
  • Encourage private investment
  • Showcase City leadership
  • Promote transparency

For more information, please visit http://houstoncityenergyproject.org/.