Environmental Coordinating Council

Green Houston LogoThe Environmental Coordinating Council is comprised of city employees from each of the city’s several departments, and is currently co-chaired by a representative from the Health Department’s Bureau of Air Quality Control, and a representative from the Public Works and Engineering Department’s Planning Branch. Members of the Council are comprised of at least one representative from the following departments: Administration and Regulatory Affairs, Aviation, Convention and Entertainment Facilities, Fire, General Services, Health and Human Services, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal, Municipal Courts, Parks, Planning, Police, Public Works and Engineering, and Solid Waste.

Responsibilities for the Council include:

  • Coordinating environmental investigations and enforcement work across departments,
  • Creating and maintaining an electronic environmental case management system,
  • Enhancing cross-departmental environmental education,
  • Coordinating communications regarding environmental matters, including but not limited to maintaining the greenhoustontx.gov website, interfacing with 3-1-1, printing the environmental violation handbook (first published in 2007) and routinely updating it, and promoting the city’s environmental accomplishments and responsibilities,
  • Identifying and supporting all departments to access opportunities for external funding for environmental projects, including grants and state or federal Supplemental Environmental Projects.

The Council meets monthly.