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Solar House

Discounted Rates for Solar Panel Installation Available to Houston Resident

March 18, 2024 -- The City of Houston, in partnership with the nonprofit Solar United Neighbors (SUN), announces this year’s discounted rate offers after a third round of Solar Switch Houston. ... Read More ...

Crashing Waves

Houston at epicenter of climate disasters, facing severe economic, human losses

February 26, 2024 -- The acceleration of extreme climate and weather disasters in the United States has wrought a death toll thousands deep while inflicting billions in economic ... Read More ...

Rivian Car Storage

Houston’s push to buy thousands of electric cars by 2030 is far behind schedule, city data shows

February 22, 2024 -- Houston is unlikely to meet its climate action goal of phasing out gas-powered vehicles, with just 49 electric and hybrid cars ... Read More ...

Talking Climate Change

Talking climate change

January 25, 2024 -- But what about your climate story? Ask any farmer how much harder it is to keep their crops healthy compared to just 20 years ago. That is a climate story. ... Read More ...

Downtown Houston

Opinion: Houston could be the green energy capital of the world

October 30, 2023 -- With sufficient investment, the Bayou City could ride Texas' renewables surge into a global position of leadership in clean energy. ... Read More ...