Resilience & Sustainability Office

Resilience Hubs

Houston Resilience Hubs LogoHouston Resilience Hubs are trusted community-serving facilities that work together to provide vital resources and services to residents during non-emergency “blue sky” days, as well as before and after major weather events, extended power outages, and other emergency scenarios.

The City-owned multi-service and community centers, as well as other community facilities such as churches and schools, function as a network to coordinate communication, distribute resources, and promote social equity while providing a safe haven for citizens to stay connected, recover from a crisis, or receive basic daily provisions.

Resilience Hubs serve as gathering posts with access to food and clean water, cooling and warming centers, post-disaster insurance education, tools for clean-up, mental health resources, childcare, first aid, and additional health services.

Fostering community cohesion and providing everyday essentials and emergency assistance as needed, Houston Resilience Hubs exist as perpetual neighborhood refuges, particularly in underserved communities.

In December 2023, The City of Houston will dedicate four facilities as official Houston Resilience Hubs. Check back for information detailing an upcoming ribbon-cutting event.